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MRT "The Man in the Locket" USHER (Friday nights)

Presented by the McKinney Repertory Theatre, this is a popcorn-throwing, fun for everyone melodrama and volunteers are needed to take tickets, guide patrons to venue amenities/services, and support theater staff in case of an accident or emergency.
Aug 02, 2019
3.5 Hours
0 Needed
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It's summertime in the early 1900s and off the east coast, the young daughter of a wealthy tycoon escapes her conniving guardians and prospective husband in search of the past and the father she can no longer remember. She has only one found clue: a locket with two photos. But her guardians are in league with the villainous would-be-groom and the three have dark purpose. Drawn to the Bergstrom Circus, she begins her quest, joins the circus and finds love. But will she find her father? Will she escape her villainous fiancé? Will true love prevail?!

Please leave all personal belongings in your vehicle or at home - the MPAC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Dress code
    • No jeans or t-shirts.
    • Black and white, any combination top & bottom (school dress code appropriate is a good guideline for student volunteers). Dark gray, navy blue and off-white are acceptable colors. Floors at MPAC are concrete, tile and wood, please keep that and the three flights of stairs in mind and choose your footwear accordingly.
    • Jewelry worn should be minimal and conservative so as to not be a distraction.
  • Parking information
  • Arrival
    • MPAC is in the historic courthouse in the center of the square. Please plan to get to downtown McKinney approximately 15 minutes before your shift start time to allow plenty of time to park & get to the venue.
    • Your shift start and approximate end times will be provided in the signup confirmation email as well as the signup reminder email sent two days before your chosen shift.
    • Report to MPAC’s Emerson Ticket Office on the first aboveground floor.
    • Sign in on the log sheet with your arrival time & get a volunteer lanyard.
    • Review the emergency procedures and customer service notes attached to the lanyard prior to the pre-show briefing.
    • There will be a review of performance event information, position assignments & duties, other activities in the building, emergency evacuation procedures & closing duties.
  • Departure
    • Return your volunteer lanyard to the ticket office and sign out.
    • Youth volunteers not driving themselves or ride-sharing: please stay inside MPAC until your ride arrives, then check out with the Staff on Duty as you leave the venue.

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